Between general tidying chores and making the garden secure for the winter. October can be a busy month outdoors. Why not hire a garden shredder and reduce all the piles of cuttings and prunings into a manageable pile which break down much more easily.

Trees and Shrubs

Root hardwood cuttings of deciduous shrubs in slit trenches in the garden. Move or replace deciduous plants or evergreens and prune hedges.


Try saving your half hardy bedding plants such as fuchsias and geraniums until next year. Remove dead foliage and flower heads and cut the stems back by around two thirds. Leave in a cool sheltered spot safe from frost and water in moderation until spring.


If you wish to plant grass seed on your damaged lawn, start by raking the area thoroughly until the surface and soil underneath is flaky. Scatter seeds then rake again until most of the seed is concealed in the ground. Water and leave until the grass grows to around 5cm.


Dredge out any sludge gathering at the bottom of your pond. This is easily done by dipping in a plastic flower pot, and bale out a few bucketfuls of water. The contents will be a mix of algae and plants remains and can be put on the compost heap.

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