Weed Control

Our weed control specialists use the best techniques to reduce weed growth in your outdoor space. Seek our professional help and advice for removing garden weeds for good.

Our highly trained staff uses various techniques to control a wide range of weeds that appear in your outdoor space (such as spraying Herbicides over the area after the weeds are removed, to reduce re-growth), enabling your wonderful garden plants and turf to flourish once more.

Various weeds can be very damaging to your garden areas. It is worth seeking professional help and advice, as they can be particularly prevalent in the UK.

Japanese Knotweed is an aggressive weed in which landowners have a legal responsibility to stop spreading. Cutting Edge can help to control the area or remove the weed if the need arises.

Ragwort can also be a problem that can occur on your ground that we can provide a program for this so that the issue is addressed and reduced.

Between general tidying chores and making the garden secure for the winter. October can be...