Walls, Patios and Driveways

Effectively adding the flow, style and functionality to your garden.

 Your garden holds to potential to whisk you into a different world. Developing a theme or type of ambience for your outside space can be an enjoyable experience – reflecting the size and capabilities of your house interior. By applying additions such as water features, furniture and outdoor lighting, we can mould your garden into a haven, encouraging the idea of ‘outdoor living’.

Hard Landscaping

A fundamental attribute for creating a space – that is not only a useful delight but also aesthetically pleasing – is allowing for the utilisation of hard landscaping materials for the purpose of additional strength in composition and structure. This is an element that can effectively add the flow and functionality to a garden. By producing a personality that caresses the other elements, the walls and patios frame the planting areas in a complementary format and grace.

Hard Surface Cleansing

We offer an industrial pressure-washing service on all hard surfaces including tarmac, concrete and paving. Pressure washing is a service common to both landscape construction and garden maintenance duties.

We also take on chemical control of moss, algae and mould as either an individual service or as part of the pressure washing service.

Between general tidying chores and making the garden secure for the winter. October can be...