Garden design, planning and implementation.

Shaping your garden into stunningly unique landscapes through sustainable practices.

If you’re looking for a quality Garden Design and planning service, then Cutting Edge Preston has the solution.
We offer a full garden design consultancy and planning service to clients across Lancashire who want a unique, bespoke garden that is both functional and beautiful. We can take the essence of your thoughts and ideas and capture them perfectly by adding our expertise and knowledge into the mix – creating inspirational gardens that are perfectly unique, yet true to their location and setting. We will ensure that all the right materials and plants are used in the best way to achieve the intended effect. We also make sure that hard landscape features are properly built and installed.

The Process

Through a comprehensive evaluation of the garden plot, we can start to apply a planting and design plan sourcing the best materials to complement and integrate into your garden. With every detail in mind, our design professionals will provide you with a hand-drawn detailed design of our initial concepts. Our meticulous, highly thought out visuals will allow you to gain a true understanding of the look of your finalised outdoor living space.

These concept designs will allow you to explore the location of every element to your garden layout. Our detailed designs will be constructed to your exact vision and then explored further by utilising our many years of expertise, to ensure a pleasing design. Our experienced landscapers who will then use only quality materials to professionally implement our design.

Unlocking the true individuality and beauty of each garden space requires precision, skill, and devotion. Cutting Edge uses the best technical systems to deliver the best constructional garden procedures, which allows us to complete projects to the highest specification. This allows us to produce interesting compositions for an all-year-round garden to be enjoyed. We will make sure all necessary work to prepare the site for planting to give your new plants the best chance to survive and thrive.

We can supply and plant a wide range of species to fulfill any planting scheme. Wonderful combinations of soils and plants will be adjusted to not only compliment the location but also, its purpose and of course your vision to ensure successful plant establishment.

Between general tidying chores and making the garden secure for the winter. October can be...